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For all applications, media and temperatures we deliver the suitable o-ring.
  • NBR - Perbunan
  • EPDM - Ethylene propylene diene monomer
  • FKM - Viton®
  • NEW - Kalrez® O-rings
  • FFKM - Chemraz® perfluorelastomeer by Greene, Tweed & Co.
  • MVQ - Silicone
  • PTFE
  • TTV - Double wrapped with elastomer core (Viton® of EPDM)
  • FEP - Closed PTFE coating with elastomer core (Viton®, EPDM or silicone)

All dimensions

Different shore hardness : 70-80-90° Shore A

Possible certificates : FDA, USP Class VI


The welknown perfluorelastomer from DuPont

We deliver Kalrez® O-rings at competive prices.  Send us your inquiry for Kalrez® O-rings.


Chemical resistance and elasticity combined in 1 single o-ring.

  • What is Chemraz®?

Environmetal awareness and an ongoing need for efficiency demand an o-ring that meets the highest standards. Chemraz® perfluorelastomer o-rings combine the chemical resistance of PTFE with the elasticity of rubber. They are therefore highly recommended for aggressive chemicals, high temperatures and problematic scopes.

  • Why Chemraz®?

Chemical resistance : resistant to almost all chemicals

Temperature scope : from -30°C to +324°C

Distortion : good compression set and little rest distortion

No creep (cold-flow) like with PTFE.

Excellent hot water and vapour resistance.